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Special Recognition Awards Received for Workplace Safety

April 18, 2018

Columbia Chemical is proud to announce that we are the winner of two awards presented by the Medina County Safety Council. John Miller and Doug Rubino accepted the award on our behalf at the annual safety …

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April 6, 2018

In business since 1904, The Finishing Company located in Addison, Illinois, provides custom nickel and nickel chrome plating to its customers which span a variety of sectors including furniture, food service equipment and retail point of …

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TECH FEATURE: Fixing Adhesion Issues on High-Carbon Steel

Columbia Chemical’s Matt Schario says focus on the acid pickling stage of the plating process to solve adhesion issues on high-carbon steel. Products Finishing Expert Clinic/Plating  Matt Schario, Director of Technical Services ~ Columbia Chemical Q. We …

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Pickle Pal and Pickle Pal Plus are pre-treatment products that inhibit the attack of acid on the steel substrate, resulting in bright, clean parts and maximum plating quality while extending the life of the pickle bath. They also prevent …

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The Advantage of Columbia Chemical: A Partner in Training

March 28, 2018

LEADING SPECIALTY CHEMICAL SUPPLIER IN ASIA COMPLETES COLUMBIA CHEMICAL’S TriCOL TRAINING           As part of our exclusive Finisher’s Advantage program, Columbia Chemical recently provided a comprehensive training course on our signature TriCOL Décor plating …

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Columbia Chemical expands pre-treatment chemistry line with purchase of CS Finishing, Inc.

February 16, 2018

Brunswick, Ohio – Columbia Chemical Corp. has recently purchased CS Finishing, Inc. with the goal of achieving greater expansion into the pre-treatment chemical market segment of the surface finishing industry. The move will also allow …

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January 5, 2018

Manner Plating is a zinc plating company located outside of Rockford, Illinois. For over 40 years they have helped customers with their plating needs. Three years ago, the owner wanted to retire so Alan Milton purchased …

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Honoring Five of Columbia Chemical’s Finest!

Columbia Chemical values our customers and holds a deep commitment to providing superior service. We recently launched a peer recognition program to honor our employees who display service excellence in all they do. Our STAR …

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Breakthrough in Nickel Leveling Measurement featured in Products Finishing Magazine

January 4, 2018

A recent breakthrough in nickel leveling measurement has come out of the R&D lab at Columbia Chemical and is the cover feature and lead article in the January issue of Products Finishing magazine.  Dr. Larry Seger, …

Oshkosh Plating completes certification training as part of Columbia Chemical’s Finisher’s Advantage

November 17, 2017

Members of the Oshkosh Plating Technologies team recently spent some time at Columbia Chemical for a certification training session on the COLSID AP zinc plating process. Certified were: Quality Manager Cory Schreiner, Chemist Seth Johnson …