Columbia’s Trivalent Chrome Process granted full approval by Stellantis

Columbia’s Trivalent Chrome Process granted full approval by Stellantis

September 22, 2023

Columbia Chemical recently received full performance and appearance approval by Stellantis for its TriCOL® decorative trivalent chrome plating process. Full approval was granted for the current global harmonized standard PS.50065 which covers trivalent chromium to specific colors. The color approval received is for STP (Bright Chrome Finish).

TriCOL® is approved for any parts where the PS.50045 is on the drawing (past released current parts and future carry over parts) plus for any decorative plated finish not yet covered in a new harmonized document. The TriCOL process is approved for any PS.50045 for the Master Number PP012 (Exterior Trivalent Chromium Plating) with the North American STP color code.

Stellantis is a constellation of 14 automotive brands and two mobility arms.

TriCOl Reclaim is a major advancement in trivalent chromium with superior exterior performance and a color nearly indistinguishable from hexavalent chromium. The robust purification system helps maintain color consistency over a wide range of current densities which is essential for production operation and color control. The process represents a breakthrough in Decorative Trivalent Plating due to its unique formulation which allows for total reclamation without the buildup of counterions and features a single liquid additive that means no more heating and no messy chrome dust powder exposure for operators. Cost savings of 40-60% over traditional trivalent systems is compelling enough for shops wanting to switch, but CASS at over 66 hours, High Chloride Corrosion at 336+ hours, NO post-dip, 1000+ hours NSS, and L values in the 80s are the performance data points surpassing the existing technology in the market and driving demand for the system.