• Pretreatment

    Clean surfaces that are free from oils, soils and oxides will allow for optimum plating adhesion. Our complete line of pretreatment products provides dependable cleaning of surfaces to be plated and a variety of product combinations to overcome the most complex pretreatment challenges. View our Pretreatment Line Card here.

  • Corrosion Protection

    Our plating processes and post treatments for corrosion protection are used to meet the most demanding requirements and OEM specifications. These products can be used in different combinations for providing low to high corrosion resistance and neutral salt spray performance.

  • Decorative Plating

    We offer a full line of decorative plating processes for nickel, trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium finishes. Our processes can achieve the highest brilliance, corrosion resistance and wearability. View our Decorative Line Card here.  

  • Functional Plating

    Our functional processes for electroless nickel, tin and cadmium plating are used to give abrasion resistance, solderability or surface lubricity characteristics to the final finish. View our Functional Line Card here. 

  • Waste Treatment

    Our COLTREAT line of products are used in the neutralization, flocculation and clarification of surface finishing wastewater streams and effluent.