OEM Support Services

OEMs work hard to ensure applicators are capable of consistently meeting automotive quality standards. We are here to help. Columbia Chemical is highly equipped to provide a variety of support services to OEMs. Below are just a few of the areas we are consulted on when asked to provide support and solutions throughout the supply chain.

Collaborative R&D Initiatives

Columbia Chemical has engaged in research and development projects with OEMs to address coating challenges that impact automotive quality. This work has led to creation of custom innovative solutions like our high gloss black functional finish.


Training Sessions and Presentations

Columbia conducts on-site and virtual training sessions and workshops for OEM materials and design engineers and team members. These education sessions are designed to enhance the understanding of coating options and can be customized to target specific applications (corrosion resistance needs, alloy type, torque tension specifications, best coating/substrate options, etc.)


Technical Team Troubleshooting

As an extension of our quality audit program, our expert technical team is available to provide evaluation and assessment of quality issues and will work directly with the applicator to get the finished product in line with OEM specifications and quality expectations.


Annual or Bi-Annual Technology Updates

Product technology advances rapidly and surface finishing chemistry is no exception. To ensure alignment with OEM specification and finish performance needs, Columbia offers annual or bi-annual technology updates. OEMs can stay up to date on new and improved process technology for functional and decorative coatings and learn about the latest growth and trends in the coatings market.


C.A.R Quality Audit Program

Quality standards have become extremely important in recent years. The automotive and other durable goods industries aware of the importance of maintaining a high level of quality within their supplier Tiers. Columbia Chemical has developed an audit that incorporates this increased level of quality for all OEMs and their standards. The C.A.R (Columbia Approved Resources) audit is completed on a quarterly basis and requires all approved applicators to fulfill the quality requirements in order to maintain the CAR approval. The designation of a C.A.R approval indicates an applicator’s commitment to high quality and constant improvement.


Sustainability Focus

As a chemistry supplier dedicated to responsible environmental stewardship, we keep our finger on the pulse of current and evolving regulatory concerns. OEMs take comfort in knowing we incorporate this knowledge into our R&D process to innovate advanced product technology that aligns with OEM’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals.


Columbia Chemical is committed to being a trusted partner in the success and growth of our OEM network. We value each OEMs unique needs and tailor our services accordingly to maximize the support we can provide throughout the supply chain.