Decorative Plating

Trivalent Chromium Plating

We offer trivalent chromium plating processes for a brilliant white or a smokey black finish. These processes provide a less hazardous alternative to hexavalent chromium plating and are REACH compliant.

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    Process for reclaiming trivalent chromium solution.

    TriCOL Reclaim® Features + Benefits Sheet

  • TriCOL® Décor

    Process for white trivalent chromium electroplating. Chloride based system for faster plating speeds and deepest-lightest-whitest deposit appearance. Incorporates the use of graphite anodes to reduce operating costs.

    TriCOL® DECOR Features & Benefits Sheet

    TRICOL® Advantage Waste Treatment Cost Sheet

    Technical Brief: Decorative Trivalent Chromium Plating


  • TriCOL® BlackJack

    Process for black trivalent chromium electroplating. Flexible color control allows for deposits that can be a light smoky color to a deep dark black finish. A chloride-based system using graphite anodes for faster plating speeds compared to sulfate-based systems.

    TriCOL® Blackjack Features & Benefits Sheet


    Ion-exchange resin for use with TriCOL® trivalent chromium electroplating solutions. Highly selective for removing copper, nickel, zinc and iron metallic impurities from solution. Simplified resin regeneration minimizes the cost to operate.


    Graphite anodes required for use in TriCOL® trivalent chromium electroplating solutions. Service life that exceeds 20 years when properly maintained. Minimal cost compared to exotic alloy anodes used in other trivalent chromium electroplating systems.