Corrosion Protection

Our plating processes and post treatments for corrosion protection are used to meet the most demanding requirements and OEM specifications. These products can be used in different combinations for providing low to high corrosion resistance and neutral salt spray performance.

  • Zinc Plating

    We offer processes for acid and alkaline non-cyanide based solutions that plate bright zinc deposits that readily accept hexavalent chromates or trivalent passivations.

  • Zinc Alloy Plating

    Our COLLOY line of products are used for the electroplating of zinc-nickel, zinc-iron and tin-zinc alloy deposits. These processes are easily controlled and widely used in OEM and automotive plating applications.

  • Phosphates

    We offer a zinc phosphate with a heavy coating weight that has excellent absorption of subsequent applications of rust preventive oil or wax. The oil and wax retention abilities provide excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Trivalent Passivates

    Our line of trivalent passivates for superior corrosion protection are hexavalent chromium free and comply with current ELV, RoHS and REACH regulations. They are known throughout the industry for meeting and exceeding OEM corrosion protection specs. They can provide a trivalent passivation layer that is clear, blue, yellow, black or iridescent.

  • Sealers/Topcoats & Rinse Aids

    Our extensive line of sealers and topcoats help extend corrosion resistance or provide surface lubricity characteristics for torque-tension. Rinse aid products can accelerate the drying process and give temporary protection to un-plated areas.

  • Passivate Dyes

    Color and dyes used in passivates for color identification.