Finisher’s Advantage®

Partnering for Success

The Finishers Advantage® is our way of describing the partnering approach that we use when we work with our plating shop customers.

Columbia Chemical’s Finisher’s Advantage® Program is all about Partnering for Success. It is the full offering of our product and support services where we apply our surface finishing expertise, technical knowledge, and laboratory resources to help our plating shop customers reach and maintain their quality and throughput goals.

The first phase in our approach is to assess the problem. Our team will talk with you to listen and understand the challenges you are facing. We then review the process and variables and identify your desired outcome.

From there, our goal is to provide solutions. We will run any necessary analysis in our lab, research and troubleshoot the situation with our team of experts and then define and communicate the solutions back to you.

Another commitment in our proven process is to deliver added value to you, our partner. We do this by providing routine sample testing and tracking reports, performing line audits as needed, offering the opportunity to be part of our CAR audit program (Columbia Approved Resource) and by providing you with consistent access to our expert technical assistance.

Shops rely on Finisher’s Advantage® for technical help and analysis, but now, with more open jobs than applicants, the key to doing more with less is to book a full line audit to unlock added efficiency.

Your success is our success, so we work with each of our customers to build and support you and your business. Training and education are available to your team, our research and development department is committed to ongoing, innovative product development to benefit our customers and you receive individualized service with your personal account manager and your dedicated customer service rep. To learn more about the Finishers Advantage® program or to request a full line audit, visit our video gallery or contact us.

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