Finisher’s Advantage

World leader in developing surface finishing additives

The Finishers Advantage is our way of describing the partnering approach that we use when we work with our U.S. plating shop customers.

It is a complete package of product and support services where we use our surface finishing knowledge, technical, and laboratory resources to help our U.S. plating shop customers reach and maintain their quality and throughput goals. The Finishers Advantage starts with a Columbia Technical Account Manager who functions as the lead contact for coordinating all activities for a given plating facility.

The Technical Account Manager will provide:

  • Reports from each customer visit to log and track actionable items.
  • Routine sample analysis by the Columbia Chemical service laboratory.
  • Plating line audits to identify areas for possible improvement.
  • Assist in establishing process control aids such as dump schedules and upper and lower process control limits.
  • Assist in establishing addition rates for chemical metering/feeding equipment.
  • Work with plating facility management to develop and track performance metrics (e.g. scrap/reject rates, first time quality, chemical consumption) in order to quantify continuous improvement efforts.

Along with these product and support services we also offer ongoing education opportunities where our Columbia personnel can provide training on:

  • Columbia Chemical products
  • Basic troubleshooting techniques
  • Wet chemistry analysis
  • Hull Cell testing and interpretation
  • Neutral Salt Spray testing and corrosion evaluation

If a plating facility is not currently approved for processing automotive or other OEM work, then we will assist them in working to become an approved or accepted coater/applicator for those specifications. Through the use of our C.A.R. (Columbia Approved Resource) audit and OEM contacts we help our U.S. platers become recognized sources for plating OEM components.

The Finishers Advantage makes our service laboratory and extensive analytical resources fully available to our plating facility customers. If there is a chemistry or process related challenge that is difficult to resolve, then we are here to take on that challenge.

We can provide common wet chemistry testing and hull cell evaluations or more complex testing and interpretation with our analytical equipment including:

  • ISO 9227 Certified Neutral Salt Spray Chambers
  • Schatz Torque and Tension Machine
  • FTIR (organics identification)
  • Ion Chromatography
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Atomic Absorption
  • Metallographic Microscope
  • UV/VIS Spectroscope
  • Cross Sectioning (sample mounting, sawing and polishing)

If one of our off the shelf products or processes isn’t the right fit for a plater’s finishing application or process then our R&D team has the ability to develop customized products to better suite their needs. Off the shelf and custom products are all supported by our Finishers Advantage approach and the comprehensive services that come along with it. To learn more about the Finishers Advantage please contact us.