Functional Plating

Tin & Cadmium Plating

Our bright and matte tin processes are based on sulfuric acid electrolytes and have excellent solderability. Our cadmium plating brightener gives a deposit with excellent lubricity and is approved in certain aerospace applications.

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    Sulfuric acid based bright tin plating process. Produces brilliant tin deposits exhibiting excellent solderability. Two additive system for simplified operation and analysis with stable performance at elevated operating temperatures.


    Sulfuric acid based matte tin plating process. Produces a soft white to gray matte tin deposit that exhibits excellent solderability. Two additive system with additive consumption based on drag-out. Stable additives minimize organic deposition in the tin layer.

  • COLCAD 100

    Brightener for cyanide cadmium plating solutions. Produces brilliant fine-grained cadmium deposits over a wide current density range. Significantly improve the throwing power and high current density covering power of the cadmium plating solution.