Decorative Plating

We offer a full line of decorative plating processes for nickel and trivalent chromium finishes. Our processes can achieve the highest brilliance, corrosion resistance, and wearability. View our Decorative Line Card here.

  • Nickel Plating

    Our semi-bright and bright nickel processes can be used for a variety of finishing applications including in duplex or multilayer nickel systems. Processes also provide excellent leveling and coverage for plating complex geometries. Are you getting the best leveling out of your decorative nickel? Columbia's groundbreaking nickel leveling test for new customers quantifies the exact leveling characteristics of the bath performance to quickly identify if there is a plating problem or a substrate problem.

  • Trivalent Chromium Plating

    We offer trivalent chromium plating processes for a brilliant white or a smokey black finish. These processes provide a less hazardous alternative to hexavalent chromium plating and are REACH compliant.

  • Copper Plating

    We offer a variety of copper plating processes. Our high performance bright acid copper process allows us to offer full line responsibility for electrolytic decorative plating.