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Click here to access our recent webinar The Future of Finishes: Zinc Nickel and Other Alloys with Mark Schario

Manufacturers and suppliers need to readily adapt to new substrates and finishes to meet evolving OEM needs. This presentation will cover various zinc alloy processes available, keying in heavily on zinc-nickel and the properties that make it appealing to manufacturers—specifically within the fastener, casting, automotive and heavy equipment industries. Columbia Chemical will examine trends and technologies relative to the electric vehicle market and explore the growing automotive interest in tin zinc. Applicators, OEMs, Tier suppliers and engineers alike will benefit from this presentation as they provide information focused on coating corrosion resistance and durability and present an overview of trivalent passivate finish options relative to color, corrosion protection and considerations related to bake requirements and torque tension.

  • The benefits and appeal of zinc nickel to a variety of industries
  • The role of zinc nickel and tin zinc in the electric vehicle market
  • A comparison of the advantages of acid vs. alkaline zinc nickel
  • Review of passivate finish options and torque tension modifiers

On-Demand Webinars

Below you will find a collection of our past webinars; all of which are still available on-demand.

2021: The Switch from Decorative Hexavalent to Trivalent Plating is Happening – Will You Be Ready? 

  • Examine the history and longevity of trichrome
  • Explore current and pending regulations
  • In-depth comparison of hexavalent, trivalent, and trivalent with reclaim in regards to performance, color, and cost
  • Presentation of case study

2020: Comparing Operational and Performance Characteristics of Chloride and Sulfate-Based Decorative Trivalent Plating

  • Performance comparison of chloride vs. sulfate-based decorative trivalent systems
  • Review of color stability testing as presented in USCAR field test summary
  • Evaluation of corrosion testing results of the two systems
  • Operational differences in plating speed and anode type/cost and efficiency

2019: Trivalent Chromium Process Capability Study for OEMs

  • Origin of Test Matrix and OEM Requested Variables
  • Performance Evaluation of various Trivalent Chrome thicknesses
  • Nickel Plating STEP Value Influence on Corrosion
  • In-depth look at CASS and Russian Mud testing results and comparison
  • Summary of Recent USCAR field test results

2018: Hexavalent to Trivalent: Making the Switch

  • Regulations
  • Overview/Process comparison
  • An in-depth look at the conversion from hex to trivalent chromium plating
  • Cost analysis on waste treatment savings
  • Case Study