Corrosion Protection

Zinc Alloy Plating

Our COLLOY line of products are used for the electroplating of zinc-nickel, zinc-iron and tin-zinc alloy deposits. These processes are easily controlled and widely used in OEM and automotive plating applications.

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Product Info

    Alkaline cyanide free zinc-iron alloy plating process producing deposits with 0.1% – 0.8% Fe. Iron content in solution is easily controlled and process does not require dual rectification.


    Next generation alkaline cyanide free zinc-nickel plating process. Provides a bright, ductile zinc-nickel deposit containing 12% – 15% Ni. Readily accepts clear, blue, black and high corrosion trivalent passivations.

  • COLLOY™ A-Z-N 200

    Ammonium chloride based zinc-nickel plating process. Provides a semi-bright deposit containing 8% – 16% Ni. Process is boric acid free and ideal for use on castings or heat treated steel components.


    A tin-zinc plating process that provides a deposit of 65% – 80% tin. Provides a conductive finish suitable for electrical grounding applications and excellent lubricity for fasteners.