Columbia Chemical Granted Additional Decorative and Functional OEM Approvals

Columbia Chemical Granted Additional Decorative and Functional OEM Approvals

June 5, 2023

Columbia Chemical Corp. has been granted approvals from OEMs for the use of its zinc processes as well as decorative color approvals. To achieve these approvals, the processes were subjected to rigorous internal and external testing.

Stellantis has granted White Trivalent Chromium Color Approval to Columbia Chemical for their TriCOL Reclaim® Trivalent Chromium Plating Process. The decorative process received approval by Stellantis for Trivalent Chrome Plating Color Code STP (Bright Chrome Finish). The specification covers the performance and appearance approval requirements for decorative chromium plated plastic for exterior applications, high corrosion calcium chloride resistant chromium.

The TriCOL Reclaim® process represents a breakthrough in Decorative Trivalent Plating due to its unique formulation which allows for total reclamation without the buildup of counterions and features a single liquid additive that means no more heating and no messy chrome dust powder exposure for operators. The cost difference between hexavalent and trivalent chrome plating has always been a stumbling block for plating shops wanting to make the switch.  Cost savings of 40-60% over traditional trivalent systems is compelling enough for shops wanting to switch, but CASS at over 66 hours, High Chloride Corrosion at 336+ hours, NO post-dip, 1000+ hours NSS, and L values in the 80s are the performance data points surpassing the existing technology in the market and driving demand for the system.

Columbia Chemical also received global approval from General Motors from their line of functional chemistry.  Adding to their fastener approvals, Columbia received approval for their chemistry to be used for GMW3044 Code G (Global Clear Zinc Fasteners). Columbia’s approved process included on the General Motors (GM) approved source list (MATSPC) is COLTECH 2500 (COLUMBIA ZINC + SpectraMATE 25 + COLFIN TTM 1016 ZN). Being well represented on General Motors material source lists means Columbia Chemical’s automotive customers have a trusted chemistry supplier source to finish the components they plate for the auto industry.

Columbia Chemical is pleased to add these significant functional and decorative plating approvals from Stellantis and General Motors to their well-established global list of OEM approvals. The company has additional approvals in process and works closely with automotive and other OEMs to ensure they are providing plating processes that exceed the requirements in the areas of corrosion protection, surface lubricity, abrasion resistance, color, and brightness. Columbia has also developed a tiered quality assurance audit process for applicators known as the C.A.R (Columbia Approved Resource) program to help oversee and ensure quality and peace of mind for the OEMs.

More information on Columbia Chemical’s global approved specifications or the C.A.R program can be found under OEM Approvals &Resources tab at