Building on Success with Tulsa Metal Finishing

Building on Success with Tulsa Metal Finishing

March 18, 2024

Since 1971, a family-run metal finishing business has stood the test of time. The current father-son duo, Mark and Matt Kennedy, are continuing their family’s legacy through Tulsa Metal Finishing Company. Mark Kennedy began his career in metal finishing back in Springfield, Missouri. After learning the trade and making his mark by improving processes there, he decided to build something for himself. Mark purchased several plating shops over a period of years and eventually established Tulsa Metal Finishing in 2001. Now being handed down to the next generation, the company continues to pride itself on core values of family, customer service, and a dedication to deliver high-quality finished products to their customers on time. It is this foundation and TMF’s commitment to providing value, expertise, and quality to customers that has earned them success and long-term loyalty. 

Columbia Chemical first connected with Tulsa Metal Finishing in 2020. Upon learning about their increased costs and need for long-term improvements to the recurring challenges faced with a competitor’s bath, Columbia’s Business Development Manager Tom Mastalerz suggested a trial of COLSID K-250 acid zinc process to address the issues. The proprietary wetter package within Columbia’s process solved the foaming issues they were having, the throw was greatly improved, and their excess chemical usage dropped, reducing their costs. TMF was happy with the results. 

From there, as part of Columbia’s Finisher’s Advantage® program and well known expertise and support services, Technical Account Manager Mark Adams worked along with Tom Mastalerz to identify additional ways to improve time and cost savings for the team at TMF. Through this partnership, TMF has since switched to several of Columbia’s chemical processes including, but not limited to, trivalent passivates like COLDIP® Midnight 1500 for zinc, COLDIP® ALPASS 455 CS for aluminum, phosphates, cleaners, rinse aids, and more. When asked about the benefits of working with Columbia, the father and son duo commented that transitioning to Columbia’s line of products has assisted TMF in their efforts to easily meet the specifications for their numerous approved OEM processes. Matt Kennedy added, “Working with Columbia feels like a true partnership and an extension of our team. In addition to providing good chemistry, they have supported us in serving our customers in many ways. Every day can offer a new challenge in a plating shop and Columbia is always there to offer support with technical expertise and services like line audits, product solutions, and analytical work that have saved us time and money.” Because bath analysis is critical to successful plating, Columbia Chemical prides itself on providing turnaround in a meaningful timeframe, delivering the analytical reports within 48 hours of receiving process bath samples. Often time, our lab has noticed a sample out of range, verified the result and contacted the technical account manager before the customer has even noticed the effects on their line. This saves time and money and helps support the customer in their throughput and quality goals.

TMF’s dedication and commitment to their customers can be seen in the quality of their work and the continued growth and success of their business. They have a lengthy list of longstanding customers. When asked what they feel keeps their customers coming back, both father and son agree it is because of “the personal focus we give each and every customer. Our customer’s satisfaction with the quality of the parts is important, however, we feel it is the level of customer service they receive that brings them back. We care for each of our customers and will do whatever we can to help them succeed”. 

TMF’s reputation, reliability and their solid team of employees have led the company to be successful in plating for a variety of oil and gas and industry required specifications. They recently added a new anodizing line with a newly acquired space to further add to their list of specifications and expand their business to serve more customers. Columbia Chemical congratulates Mark and Matt Kennedy and the TMF team for all their success to date and is honored to partner with them going forward.