Product: SpectraMATE 25®

Product: SpectraMATE 25®

June 25, 2020

SPECTRAMATE® 25 is a Columbia Chemical signature product. Proven in the field for close to 15 years, it is extremely well known and widely used in the global marketplace, with multiple OEM spec approvals within the automotive industry.

SpectraMATE® 25 is a single-component, high performance, thick-film trivalent passivate for use over zinc that consistently exceeds 250 hours of neutral salt spray to white corrosion without topcoats or sealers.

SpectraMATE® 25 operates at low-to-ambient temperatures, thus eliminating the added cost and inconvenience of heating associated with conventional thick-film trivalent technologies.
It has a wide operating range for ease of use and produces a slightly iridescent, multi-color finish with self-healing properties, which is unique among high-corrosion trivalent chromate processes.

A long-time customer of Columbia Chemical’s passivates had this to say about the superior product: “…SpectraMATE 25 with yellow dye helps us gain opportunities. The salt spray hours are great, it’s easy to use and maintain, RoHS approved and always consistent.”

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