Columbia Chemical Celebrates 45 Years of Simplifying Surface Finishing®

Columbia Chemical Celebrates 45 Years of Simplifying Surface Finishing®

July 24, 2020

Brunswick, Ohio – Columbia Chemical is pleased to be celebrating 45 years of success dedicated to the company’s core purpose of Simplifying Surface Finishing®.

Columbia Chemical was founded in 1975 when two talented chemists, William Rosenberg Sr. and Herb Geduld, rented space in a former textile mill in Cleveland.  Focusing on R&D and production, the partners developed the strategy to specialize in manufacturing the best zinc brighteners in the world, initially relying on outside companies to market and distribute their products. Within five years, the business was thriving and expanded beyond private labeling to develop the Columbia Chemical brand. As the surface finishing industry moved toward alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating, Columbia Chemical led the way with their breakthrough COLZINC® ACF-II Process.

The Columbia brand name grew, prompting a move to Brunswick in 1992.  An increase in direct sales to plating shops required an expanded product line, including cleaners, chromates and passivates, sealers and topcoats. International distribution and licensee network expansion followed. By 1997, Columbia’s facilities expanded to accommodate the growing research lab, sales, office and warehouse. Columbia’s signature SpectraMATE® thick film trivalent passivate and COLDIP™ trivalent product line strengthened its position as a leader in the global automotive market.

A new headquarters was built in 2008, consolidating R&D, manufacturing, technical support and customer service under one roof.  The company became 100% employee-owned in 2011.  Columbia expanded into the decorative plating market in 2015 with a full line of nickel plating and TRICOL Décor trivalent chromium plating processes.

Ongoing innovation has resulted in the development of new products to meet the growing demand for zinc-nickel in the automotive market and deliver additional high-performing trivalent passivates. The Columbia Chemical name has become synonymous with renowned expertise in decorative trivalent chromium plating, leading to continued growth in the global and domestic markets.

The company recently released a new video to honor their history and celebrate their core purpose of Simplifying Surface Finishing®. Click here to watch the video.

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