Product Overview

Columbia Chemical Corporation is your worldwide source for zinc plating processes and related products. Our innovative research and commitment to quality set us apart in the metal finishing industry.

Our products include:
COLSID® and EXTREME® processes for acid chloride zinc plating
COLZINC® process for alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating
COLGLO® brighteners for cyanide zinc plating
COLGLEAM®and COLMATTE®processes for acid tin plating
COLDIP® and SpectraMATE® and TriVecta hexavalent and trivalent chromate conversion coatings
COLCLEAN® soak and electro cleaners
PICKLE PAL® acid inhibitors
Zinc-Chro-SHIELD® topcoats, Lac-Chro-SEAL® lacquer and COLFIN® torque tension modifiers
COLLOY® zinc alloy plating processes
COLPHOS® and COLGUARD® phosphate processes
MARQUEE® electroless nickel plating processes
Miscellaneous Products including dye, cadmium plating brightener, fume suppressant, foam inhibitor, rinse additives, wastewater treatment, testing solutions for salt spray cabinets, etc.

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