April 6, 2018
Pickle Pal and Pickle Pal Plus are pre-treatment products that inhibit the attack of acid on the steel substrate, resulting in bright, clean parts and maximum plating quality while extending the life of the pickle bath. They also prevent etching and eliminate smut formation on high-carbon, heat-treated steel. Roy Metal Finishing President and CEO John Pazdan shares his success with the humble product.

A dedicated adherence to the highest standards of specification from start to finish is part of what makes Bossard a global specialist in high quality screws and fasteners. Columbia Chemical honors this dedication and has worked for years with Bossard to qualify surface finishes to meet their high standard of specification as well as to certify trusted plating shops Bossard can work with under the audited Columbia Approved Resource (CAR) program.

As part of this partnership, Columbia Chemical President Brett Larick was meeting with the quality engineers at Bossard who were sharing positive feedback on their working relationship with Roy Metal Finishing in South Carolina. Through the discussion, they indicated a specific challenge they were facing with a certain part Roy Metal Finishing was plating in alkaline zinc-nickel. The part was a high-carbon, heat-treated steel fastener and they were having plating thickness and adhesion issues. Bossard was concerned they might have to move the part to zinc-flake if a solution could not be found.

After examining the part and identifying the type of steel, Larick quickly recognized the issue and was able to recommend a potential solution. After contacting Roy Metal Finishing President and CEO John Pazdan to discuss the idea, Columbia proceeded with testing the solution and the parts proved out right away. They also collaborated directly with Roy Metal Finishing’s quality control lab who ran joint testing ensure the solution would work on their end. Roy Metal Finishing and Columbia worked together to implement Columbia’s Pickle Pal Plus pre-treatment product into their plating line and the parts quickly met and continue to exceed Bossard specifications.


Pazdan commented: “I appreciated Columbia Chemical recommending Pickle Pal Plus as a simple, pre-treatment fix for the challenge we faced with our alkaline zinc-nickel part. This product provided the solution for the adhesion and plating thickness problems we were experiencing, allowing us to deliver the superior quality plated part our customer counted on and helping us to maintain a highly valued account!”

Are you experiencing similar adhesion and plating challenges? Contact your local Columbia Chemical rep to see if Pickle Pal or Pickle Pal Plus can be your solution!