Finisher’s Advantage®

The Columbia Chemical team employs a “partnering for success” approach to provide you with comprehensive solutions. We created Finisher’s Advantage to address your unique needs and give you direct access to customer support. Here’s how we break it down.

Assessing the Problem

We begin the process with an assessment of your situation. Your input helps us identify specific challenges so we can confront each hurdle with a customized approach. Our dedicated team offers a unique level of customer support you won’t find with the competition. With their surface finishing expertise, technical knowledge and laboratory resources, our staff is equipped and ready to help you reach and maintain your production goals.

Providing Solutions

Technical managers can diagnose problems in the field or will consult the lab staff for support. We troubleshoot for issues with finishing, corrosion, solution deviations and much more. We also conduct tests to check for electrolyte concentrations, proprietary additives and contamination.

Your time is precious, and that’s why we strive to get you your lab results within 24 to 48 hours. Our reports cover parameters that may need to be adjusted, and our t4echnical team will provide solutions in person or over the phone.

Access to Technical and Customer Support

Another essential component of our Finisher’s Advantage program is delivering added value. We perform line audits to ensure your plating bath is operating at optimal levels. Our solutions include troubleshooting and extensive tracking to pinpoint any deviations from your previous samples, which will be reported back to you.

Columbia Chemical also provides training and education opportunities as part of our Finisher’s Advantage. We’re dedicated to innovative product development and strive to spread our wealth of knowledge and experience to our customers.

Our technical account managers supply your input to the customer relations and laboratory teams. We build and support customer relationships by providing solutions straight from the lab, so you’ll have direct technical staff access to answer any questions.

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