Showcase: TriCOL Reclaim®

Showcase: TriCOL Reclaim®

April 27, 2022
TriCOL Reclaim

TriCOL Reclaim®: Innovation in Decorative Plating Technology

The cost difference between decorative hexavalent and trivalent chrome plating has always been a stumbling block for plating shops wanting to make the switch. For Columbia Chemical, this was a motivating factor behind the launch of TriCOL Reclaim®, an innovative new decorative trivalent plating technology.

The development of the process was rooted in overcoming a common technical problem with reclaim systems: the buildup of the counterions within traditional systems has always limited reclamation. TriCOL Reclaim® overcomes this challenge by featuring a unique formulation that prevents the buildup of counterions. Specific gravity does not increase over time, so the process allows for total reclamation. This means a cost savings benefit of 40-60%, which translates to decorative trivalent plating costs that are comparable to hex chrome.

Beyond that, customers appreciate the benefit of simplified replenishment with the use of a single liquid additive featuring pre-complexed chromium. This means no more heating to complex the chrome and the convenience of using an auto-feeder, saving time and labor. Employee safety is improved with no more messy powder or chrome dust exposure. Perhaps the most significant benefits reported are in performance and appearance.

Third-party testing data by a Tier 1 OEM supplier reveals TriCOL Reclaim® significantly outperformed two popular traditional systems with CASS at 60 hours, High Chloride Corrosion at 200+ hours, NO post dip needed, 1000+ hours NSS, fretting abrasion at 5,000 strokes, and L values in the 80’s.

Columbia Chemical will be showcasing its innovative TriCOL Reclaim® process at booth 720 at Sur/Fin. If you are interested in joining in on implementing this breakthrough process at your facility, contact us today.