Product Showcase: Introducing TriCOL® Reclaim

Product Showcase: Introducing TriCOL® Reclaim

January 13, 2021

Innovation has arrived in Decorative Trivalent Plating with the introduction of Columbia Chemical’s TriCOL® Reclaim. The cost difference between hexavalent and trivalent chrome plating has always been a stumbling block for plating shops wanting to make the switch. And for those shops already running trivalent, the cost is often 3-4x higher than standard hex chrome. Reclaim of trivalent chromium solution is extremely cost beneficial, however the buildup of the counterions within traditional trivalent systems has always limited reclamation.


TriCOL® Reclaim features a unique formulation that prevents the buildup of counterions. Unlike traditional trivalent systems, specific gravity does not go up over time so the process allows for reclamation. This translates to one of the biggest benefits of TriCOL® Reclaim – the cost savings. With savings of 40-60% over existing tri-chrome processes, this new system provides decorative plating costs per square foot that are comparable to hex chrome. In addition, replenishment is simplified with a single liquid additive featuring pre-complexed chromium. This innovation means no more heating to complex the chrome – it can be used on an auto-feeder, saving shops valuable time and labor. Another benefit is the elimination of chrome dust – no more messy powder or chrome dust exposure for operators. Another step to enhance employee safety! With field production runs in full gear, applicators are astonished with the results (cost savings, ease of use, quality and appearance like never before) and new shops are clamoring for the process.

Discover our latest innovation and RECLAIM your savings, time and quality!

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