Make the Switch To Trivalent Chrome Plating

Your chrome-plated products will shine brighter than before when you switch from hexavalent to trivalent chrome plating. Trivalent plating uses a sulfate and chloride mixture to create whiter and brighter chrome with a more stable color payoff.

Less Waste and Environmentally Friendly

You’ll decrease your environmental impact and protect your staff from harmful fumes when you switch to trivalent plating. Trivalent chrome plating produces less waste and only requires a single-step process to reduce your waste treatment costs. With trivalent plating, you add a caustic solution and raise the pH to eliminate waste.

Compared to hexavalent processes, trivalent plating produces:

  • Ten times less metal
  • Ten times less sludge
  • Fewer toxic fumes

Columbia Chemical Can Make the Switch

Columbia Chemical has completed over 200 trivalent system installations, and the switch is surprisingly simple.

We remove your hexavalent chrome equipment and install a new tank or line your current tank to prepare it for trivalent plating. Anodes are installed into your tanks, and you’re good to go. It’s a simple switch that can create a massive long-term payoff.

We can help you switch your hexavalent system to an efficient, cost-effective trivalent process in a snap. Our goal is to simplify surface finishing. We’ll help you get ahead of the curve by creating a regulated chrome-plating system that meets the industry’s highest standards.

Request a Free Estimate To Make The Switch

Are you interested in receiving an estimate for the cost of the switch? Submit your information, and we’ll send you a form for your tank measurements. This information will allow us to analyze your potential cost savings. You’ll receive an estimate of your start-up costs before you begin the conversion to trivalent plating.

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