U.S. Partners & Distributors

Columbia Chemical is headquartered in Brunswick, Ohio, with additional personnel located throughout the US, as well as three other US-based distribution partners. See our international partners and distributors for more options.

Columbia Chemical Corporation Headquarters

1000 Western Drive
Brunswick, Ohio 44212
Ph: 330-225-3200
Fax: 330-225-1499

Columbia Chemical Corporation

Houston, Texas

Columbia Chemical Corporation

Nashville, Tennessee

Columbia Chemical Corporation

Los Angeles, California

Columbia Chemical Corporation

San Jose, California

Chautauqua Metal Finishing

4743 Cramer Drive
Ashville, NY 14710
Ph: 716-763-4114

PNP Specialty Chemicals Inc.

Jamestown, North Carolina 27282
Ph: 336-905-7271

W.D. Forbes Company

601 Second Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Ph: 612-378-1917
Fax: 612-378-1389